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Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare

•, by: Daisy Luther
There. I said it. I am unequivocally not going to be complying with Obamacare. I also won’t be purchasing health insurance at 4 times the regular price, nor will I participate in the government-funded “exchange” for “affordable” healthcare. Now, first, let me be clear – this isn’t because I’d be paying $20,000 per year for the crappiest coverage. In reality, Obamacare and the subsidies my family is eligible for would make the cost incredibly reasonable – but that is not the point. The point is this: I am an American, and as such, I refuse to be forced to purchase anything else. I have already been forced to have car insurance, forced to purchase annually the “privilege” of driving via a license and having a (paid-for) car on the road via a license plate, and forced to pay taxes on my income and every purchase that I make. - See more at: 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Of course, don't comply. Obamacare wasn't meant for you. It was meant for the Social Security Account that has a name that sounds and looks like your name. Go the rest of the way besides not complying with Obamacare. Stop complying with Social Security.

What I mean is, if the only jobs that are open to you are jobs that require a SSN, then make yourself a business that doesn't require a SSN. It might seem like an under-the-table business, but it isn't. It's simply a business that is outside of the Social Security System. And THAT is NOT illegal.

Look into the things that Billy Foust, Winston Shrout, Howard Griswold, and David DeRiemer are showing people.

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