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Minnesota Bans Carcinogenic Formaldehyde in Children’s Products – Except in Vaccines

•, by Christina Sarich
Formaldehyde has been known to cause cancer, but it is just now being banned from use in children’s products. Though while it’s good that formaldehyde is on its way out, the carcinogen is still allowed in vaccinations, continuing to pose a health threat to children and others being directly exposed to the chemical.

According to section 325F.175 of HF458, products containing formaldehyde (FA) are banned from being sold starting August 1st, 2014, for manufacturers and August 1st, 2015, for retailers.

At first blush this seems to be a remarkable step for lawmakers to take. Disallowing a toxic substance from both baby products and clothing, the new law seems quite prescient, especially considering all the new research that has been coming forward from various doctors about the dangers of formaldehyde and vaccines. The shocking truth is that a pharmaceutical loophole was written right into the bill. It exempts vaccines from taking part in the ban in a section entitled ‘[325F.174] Definitions.’