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How A Florida Man is Using the Bush Doctrine to Acquit Himself of Murder Charges

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A Florida man has attempted a rather unusual stance in court that should definitely be raising some eyebrows about the United States government's "legal" system and its standards of "justice." After allegedly sneaking up on three of his neighbors and shooting them while they were having a barbeque, the attorneys of William T. Woodward are claiming in his defense that his actions were in fact legal as a result of some relatively recent rulings concerning the use of preemptive violence, and that his charges should be dropped completely. The selection of cases being used to defend Woodward cite some rather interesting pieces of legislation. Among them is the “Stand Your Ground” law, which is specific to the state of Florida and gives gun owners there the legal permission to stand their ground in the face of an imminent threat, rather than forcing them to retreat like many other states mandate. Also cited was the case of Enoch v. State, a court ruling which upholds the idea that the

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Comment by Ed Price
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If this guy wins in court, based on the Bush Doctrine, it'll be open season on law enforcement. Why? Because, if you look at all the police brutality going on - Google police brutality - you will see that POLICE are way more of an imminent threat than Iraq or Afghanistan were, or Syria is. In fact, the CIA is a far greater imminent threat - at least to the world at large - than even the police... or military!

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