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The Police State: A Ghastly Product of the Left

•,By Scott Lazarowitz
And I refer to leftists or to the Left rather than using the common term “liberals,” because they are not liberal. For me, “liberal” describes someone who advocates liberating people, someone who believes in freedom.

The Left consists of people who believe otherwise, even the opposite of genuine liberalism and liberation. They want laws and regulations which tie people down and chain them up and restrain their freedom.

With their degenerate social agenda, economic edicts, mandates and diktats, the Left have made the people prisoners of society’s meddlers, control freaks, social misfits, nanny-government bureaucrats and their armed enforcers.
And what else but a police state could describe the Left’s desired situation of a State armed to the teeth with a totally disarmed and defenseless civilian population?

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