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At Least Now It's Obvious Who's In Charge

•, by Simon Black
Yet curiously, even though the US government’s completely ridiculous, untenable fiscal situation is a front page embarrassment for the entire world to see, markets have barely budged.

A few very short-term rates have shot up, but for the most part, stocks are very close to where they were before the shutdown.

The US 10-year yield has actually dropped over the last month, from 2.95% in mid-September to 2.64% today… pretty much where it was a week ago before the shutdown began.

(Bear in mind that the 10-year yield in Italy, Spain, etc. were all over 7% at the most recent peaks of their respective crises…)

Meanwhile, other rates like the 30-year Treasury and 30-year fixed mortgage rates are even a hair lower than they were a week ago.

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