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Encouraging Signs

•, By Butler Shaffer
 As the cancer of statism continues to metastasize – a preexisting condition against which Obamacare provides no protection – it is heartening to witness the champions of  institutionalized force and destruction playing the “anarchy” card as a way of terrorizing otherwise mature men and women into resisting efforts to restrain – or (gasp!) cut back – the growth of state power. Such Senate boob-hustlers as Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren have informed us that “anarchists have taken over” in Congress (Reid), while “the anarchy gang” (Warren) continues to expand. Children have long been subjected to variants of the warning about the “ghosties and ghoulies, and long-legged beasties, and things that go ‘bump’ in the night.” Bringing the fear of goblins and other bogeymen into the present, the statists now intone that “the anarkists will git ya, if’n you don’t watch out.”

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Comment by Ed Price
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The Federal Government shutdown is an opportunity for the States. There was a time when we might have needed the Federal Government. With transportation and communications as they are now, we don't need Fed Gov any longer.

The States are required to uphold the Federal constitution. It is written in all the State Constitutions. Let the people of the States see that it is done for their own State.

Everyone in Fed Gov employ should go back to the State from whence they came.

D.C. should become a State with no more authority than any other State.

Military people in the Fed Gov military should go to the Reserves in the State they came from when they joined the military.

All Fed Gov agencies should shut down. All Federal Corporations should be converted to State corporations, being parceled out to the States wherein they operate.

States should encourage and support private money made of gold and silver, the Federal Reserve Bank lost its authority when it was split into State Corporations in the different States wherein it operates. With communications the way they are, Bitcoin rules.

In support of the Federal Constitution, free inter-state travel and freedom of speech for citizens of the States remain. But the States each regulate travel of of foreigners through their State.

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