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Defying government shutdown, national park visitors play ‘catch me if you can’

• Christian Science Monitor
.... “We’ve gone from ‘this land is your land, this land is my land,’ to the government saying this land is its land,” writes University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds in an e-mail. “President Obama said that government is just a word for the things we do together. Apparently that includes kicking WWII veterans off their memorial.”....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Besides, they should have shower straps at the public showers in campgrounds. I mean, you should be required to strap yourself in so that you don't slip and fall and bang your head. And there should be "shower police" who monitor you throughout your shower so that you don't remove the shower strap until the shower is over, and you are safely out of the shower stall.

In addition, you should have all of the above in your home... you know, TSA shower police. I mean, people are so unable to care for themselves that we really need this.

On top of it, since TSA officials sometimes shirk their responsibility, we should have shower police police in our homes. I mean, TSA police who make sure that the TSA shower police are doing their jobs.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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You'd think a law professor would understand the problem of liability, but apparently not.  If there's nobody in the park to provide protection--or even allowed to find you if you are lost or hurt--you are putting yourself in danger.  And if you do get hurt, just try suing after you've trespassed.

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