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It's Not a "Default"

• by Wendy McElroy
.... as the FedGov continues to make the interest payments on the debt (and continues to roll over debt as it matures), the U.S. is not in default.*

I'm seeing the "default" meme being pushed hard by those who have a vested interest, namely, politicians who want to extend their spending spree, ....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Not sure what you mean, EM. Since the Arizona Legislature meets anyway, why should they not prepare Arizona for a time when Fed Gov really does shut down?

As for homesteading lands, the homesteading would pay for itself in the same ways as always. The homesteaders would work the land.

As for the border militia, there are a whole bunch of Arizona people ready to fight right now because the illegals are wrecking their property. They are paying right now.

As for private money, Bernie von NotHaus might be happy to restart his Liberty Dollar here. And there are a whole bunch of folks that would love to do the same, since they are doing it with Bitcoin and Silver Circle already. All they might need is a little direction from Arizona Weights and Measures.

Seems to me that if Arizonans were offered freedom in Arizona, they'd step right up to the plate and take it. A million Arizonans who see what real freedom can be like, would be willing to pay for anything through their labor... if they thought there was a chance for freedom.

So, pay for what?

Comment by Ed Martin
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 Okay, Pure Trust, as long as you pay for it.

Comment by Ed Price
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Time for Arizona to be the first State to amend its constitution with an irrepealable amendment. This amendment would formally adopt all the tenets of individual freedom for people, and interaction and cooperation between the States as are found in the United States Constitution, while dissolving the governmental structure of the Federal Constitution.

Then, recall the Congressmen and Senators for lack of need or desire to be part of the Federal Government which has virtually voted itself out of existence.

Build resistance to any trade agreements, or anything else, that would tend to remove Arizona's Sovereignty as a State. At the same time, open up complete free trade between individuals that are acting in their individual, human capacity, and not as corporations, between Arizona and all of the 50 States.

Build and strengthen Arizona/Mexico border militia to resist any and all unlawful entry into Arizona. However, relax laws that block free visitation by between Arizonans and their Mexicans relatives. Do this in such a way that use-of-road travel is encouraged, but in a way that taxes non-50-State citizens, so that they pay their way during visitation. Perhaps copy some of the laws of Mexico that Mexico applies to travelers from here to there.

Repeal all Federal laws with regard to Arizona, some by adopting them as laws of Arizona, others by entirely repealing them. Resist all Federal Government agents by making them non-agents while in Arizona. Take back Federal forest and wilderness lands that are in Arizona. Open many of them up for sale to individuals for habitation. As appropriate, re-enact homesteading.

Do all this and a whole lot more even if the Federal Government comes back online. If nothing else, do it in preparation for the time when Fed Gov DOES default FOR REAL.

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