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Two Letters Re: Basic Mechanics Skill and Knowing Vehicular Limitations

  I used 2 thicknesses of 3/4" plywood Gorilla Glued together. I'd suggest at least 12" square, but there is an advantage to making it larger. I made mine as large as would fit underneath the passenger seat in my truck, which was 14.5" X 16".

Inflate the spare to 15-20% over the regular running pressure in the other four. That won't hurt it, and it's easier to let air out than to force it in .[JWR's Comment: If you do this, for safety be sure to prominently tag it "Overinflated!" add also pack a tire pressure gauge.] Since people rarely check the spare for air, the 15-20% adds a margin. Use your spare as part of a regular 5-tire rotation maintenance plan (every 5,000-to-6,000 miles is about right); that keeps its wear about the same as the other four, and adds at least 20% to the overall life of the set of tires over a 4-tire rotation schedule.

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