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Handheld Radio Communications When SHTF

 In a long term SHTF event, it is a given that cell phone networks will no longer be active. This makes having an alternate way to communicate an important part of emergency preparedness planning.
Using a radio to communicate and receive information during an emergency has proven reliable in many disasters in the past. Unfortunately, radio communication can be very complex for the average prepper and I have found that many people avoid the topic all together for lack of understanding.
Because of the importance of this issue, I thought I would create an introductory guide on the different types of handheld radio devices. I also recommend checking out this great list of articles about emergency communications on my website

Two-Way Radios (Transceivers)

Two-way radios are simply radios that can be used to both transmit and receive. The frequencies that a two way radio can operate on determine if a radio is considered a HAM radio, a walkie talkie, CB radio, etc. Below is a breakdown of the common types of two-way radios.

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