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Letter Re: The Inflationary Handwriting on the Wall

•, G.L.D.
To those that may not yet be aware, many popular types of ammunition have been scarce and have become more expensive and attempts by the government to regulate sales and possession of ammunition are becoming more frequent. A particular brand and type of .22 ammunition that I bought in bulk in August of last year at 3.1 cents per round is now almost impossible to find at below 20 cents per round. Increased manufacturing and materials costs cannot account for this increase.  This has had an effect on the entire firearms industry.

Popular opinion as to why this happened is all over the place and includes reasons such as hoarding, manufacturers/distributors/dealers profiteering, scalpers, government intrusion into the market, etc. The shortage of ammunition and the run on the purchase of firearms appears to have started shortly after the last Presidential election. Again, opinion varies but many people feel that the President's apparent anti- firearms position along with an increase in urban violence and increased pressure on Government officials to "do something" about the "gun problem" has caused a run on the market. This run now appears to be subsiding slightly but is far from over after nearly a year.

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