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What gun control looks like: getting raided by the feds!

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Three months after the raid of Adam's house and subsequent arrest, Carey shares her morbid, disturbing experience with the police who conducted the "search."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

I hadn't read this before:

The intermediary between the two law enforcement agencies has been identified as Raymond Morrogh, the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County. The local authorities (VA State Police) felt that the federal authorities were not doing enough to pursue the investigation of the YouTube video that Adam posted on July 4, 2013. Raymond Morrogh forced the federal authorities to intervene in this case, and arranged for the collaborative work of the various agencies involved in the search.

I still want to see the secret affidavit attached to the SEARCH warrant that has yet to be released!

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

October 14th 2013 

My fellow Americans,

My name is Adam Kokesh and I am a political prisoner. You might think only oppressive regimes have political prisoners, but we have no shortage in America. Of course, that begs the question: What is your definition of a repressive regime? A government that fights to maintain the status quo? A government that criminalizes normal behavior? A government that stifles opportunity? A government that provides the primary mechanisms of the poor getting poorer while the rich get richer? A government that sends people to die in unnecessary wars to benefit bankers and profiteers? A government that does not even pretend to follow its own rules? A government that seeks control by prosecuting dissidents for victimless crimes? Welcome to America!

I have been in jail for over three months for loading a shotgun at Freedom Plaza on Independence Day in defiance of DC gun laws to assert my rights allegedly protected by the 2nd amendment. I have yet to be indicted, let alone tried. My home was raided and ransacked for over 5 hours. I was kept in solitary confinement in cells with ants, cockroaches, water leaks, lights on for 24 hours a day, without a mattress, and I was fed so little I lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks. This is what “gun control” looks like. I harmed or threatened no one, yet for this victimless non-crime, I have been held without bail because of clerical errors that my judge refuses to acknowledge. I have been called “a danger to the community,” but the real danger is a government that seeks to make you dependent by denying your right to self-defense.

Gun control is not about guns. It’s about control. It’s about making you dependent on a government monopoly on force. It not only looks like my persecution, it looks like rising crime rates in cities where attackers know their victims will be disarmed. It looks like rape victims unable to defend themselves on college campuses. It looks like mass shootings that are all the more deadly because they happen in “gun-free zones.” It looks like a government that acts like it owns us, rather than serves us. It looks like a citizenry afraid to stand up for the freedom of self-ownership. It looks like a people unwilling to assert that they will not be enslaved. It looks like you are just waiting for someone to fight and win back your right to be a free, beautiful, independent human being! It looks like America today.

I am a civil rights activist, but I am not a leader. In order for us to have a truly free society, we must be the alphas of our own lives. As a humble civil servant, I can only hope my sacrifice has served to stir your conscience. I care more about making you think than making you like me. When I go to trial, I will be arguing that if there is no victim, there is no crime, and it will not just be my civil disobedience on trial, not just gun control, not just the enforcement of unconstitutional laws, not just the criminal injustice system, but the entire idea of government force and the government that has become the greatest enemy of freedom will be on trial. I will be fighting for my freedom, and yours, but you will never be free until you stand up for yourself and demand to be free. I would never ask you to follow me, but I dearly hope that you will join me.

Free in mind and spirit,
if not in body,
and yours always,

Adam Kokesh

ok, talk to you guys soon!!! Thank you!!!

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