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Indiegogo Campaign - Tabletop Aquaponics by Endless Food Systems

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Tabletop Aquaponics: A System That Can Change the World!

The symbiotic relationship that makes this beautifully designed Tabletop Aquaponics System work can change the world - really! I was amazed when I first learned it was possible to mimic nature in a sustainable way with plants and fish. This growing method is powerful and can be expanded from a small system to one large enough to feed a village!

One of the most exciting things I discovered about this growing technique is that it actually has the potential to end world hunger! Even in desolate places, urban areas where space is limited, or just about anywhere. This type of growing is called aquaponics and it uses 90% less water than soil based gardening.  It’s completely organic, uses no chemicals and food grows faster and in less space!

How We Got Started

In 2009 my father and I started experimenting with different techniques and ideas using the aquaponics theory.

Fast forward to 2012 when I decided to design backyard aquaponics systems that were pleasing to look at, could be mass produced, modular in design and could be shipped via freight.

I thought it would be a piece of cake since I have developed products before, but that was not the case! However, perseverance paid off and today we have an aquaponics kit that is easy to setup and manage!  We began shipping in February of 2013 and are very happy with the design.

Build It & They Will Come... 

We’ve received a lot of praise from people around the world who are already familiar with aquaponics. We also talk to people all the time that have never heard of the concept and are amazed once they learn how it works! That is great news!

While aquaponics is not new, it is generally known or understood by a lot of the general public. Most people around the world have no idea what aquaponics is or what it can do. If more people really understood the power and potential of aquaponics, amazing things could happen.

Attention is starting to build and gain momentum, especially with the help of organizations such as The Aquaponics Association (which we are a proud member of).

With your help in funding this campaign and by sharing this with your family, friends and on Social Media such as Facebook, you can help spread the word about aquaponics! Once people experience how easy it is to grow plants with our new tabletop aquaponics system, the seed will be planted!

This new system is affordable & compact.  It’s an attractive and practical way to show people just how simple an aquaponics system is.  Not only does it grow clean, non-GMO, chemical free food, but it does it in a small space with elegance.  The flowing fountain, soothing sound of water, and interaction with fish also make it a fun addition for the whole family!

Seeking $20,000...

We are raising capital for tooling & production costs. While we have already invested a significant amount of money and time into our full size Endless Food System kits and our sales are increasing, we need your help to jump start getting the word out for this compact tabletop system!

By being among the first to own a tabletop aquaponic system, you can join in the aquaponics revolution! Become a part of this incredible movement of food independence and health!  We believe if the knowledge of this growing technique could reach around the world, the majority of health issues would disappear.  It is interesting to note that the largest percentage of our full size kit sales so far have been to Doctors, Chiropractors and cancer survivors. 

It is no secret that eating chemical free, un-adulterated food is a major key to our bodies health.  Use this opportunity to get a great discount on this amazing new system! Be on the ground floor with us for this product launch and spread the word!

Making a Difference

Be a part of the health solution and spread the word about aquaponics!  Image if you told someone about aquaponics and later learned they had a system large enough to help feed their entire family perpetually with healthy organic non-GMO foods! And that their food bill went down while their food security went up! What if someone you shared this information with started growing aquaponically and their health issues disappeared?  Or if someone went on a mission trip to a poor area and taught a community how to build and manage a large system fed their whole community?

By joining us in this movement today, not only will you receive a great product at a
reduced price, but you will also be helping to spread this powerful information! You don’t necessarily have to do great things with this knowledge yourself but what if someone you told or someone they told made a major difference in other people’s lives! Or maybe someone just visits your house and asks a question about that interesting thing with fish and plants sitting on your counter and they do something powerful with it!

While our small tabletop system is great to look at and grow some herbs, it is the knowledge of aquaponics and sharing that knowledge with others that can have a profound effect!

You Can Help, Even If You Don’t Realize It!

If you are not able to contribute at this time, you can still help! First, go to
our website and bookmark the site.  Then use the Indiegogo tools to help share this campaign with others and let them know about aquaponics and what a great deal they can get on our beautifully designed and fully functional tabletop aquaponics system!  Also, don’t forget to spread the word through your Facebook and other social media sites.

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