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Watch: 5 Crazy Cameras Give You New Ways to See the World

•, By Kyle VanHemert
 One day earlier this year, Roel Wouters watched as a friend’s kid set his iPhone on a trampoline, pressed record, and proceeded to use his expensive glass gadget as a video-capturing piece of popcorn. This bit of avant-garde moviemaking got Wouters thinking, and soon he had settled on an idea for his next workshop. His students at ECAL, Switzerland’s premier design school, would have one week to “build an apparatus that produces videos the world has never seen before.”

This clip shows what they came up with. In brief:

“Eyeball”–a Go Pro camera, floating in water, encased in a rollable, transparent sphere. “IBox”–a sealed track with a stop-motion animation embedded on the inside–part smartphone water slide, part darkroom. “Mirage 19″–a smartphone attached to a kite-like chute at the end of a long string, allowing for whirling, centrifugally powered clips. “Satellite”–a camera on a swiveling arm, all attached to a knitted cap–a video selfie in the round. “Fantominus”–a pair of power tools, one outfitted with a camera and another with a screen, showing a rotating video portrait and the whirling, reflected world behind it.

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