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Missouri man serving life without parole for ‘3 strike’ marijuana offenses seeks clemency

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Jeff Mizanskey has been in a Missouri prison for more than two decades for violating the state’s “prior and persistent drug offender” statute, which resembles the “three strike” laws passed in California and Georgia, with one notable exception: it doesn’t require that one of the offenses be of a violent nature. 

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Comment by jon reid
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Its sad when this government will allow a child melester out over and over to destroy a child but will threwthe book at some one that uses the natural plants on this earth is a pine tree had the same medical used as weed we would live in clay houses

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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2 decades for a plant? How friggin sick can this society get? The real demented criminals in this story are the nazis who destroyed this man and his lifer over a friggin plant. These bastards need to be put away for life or put a rope around their neck which hopefully is soon comin.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profound sick & twisted society."


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