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We are in a de facto Civil War in this country and we don't realize it.

•, ecorob
 It is we, the people pitted against a single party, socialist government entity that is more concerned with supplying themselves with billions of rounds of ammunition while, at the same time, decreasing our civil liberties and rights and increasing our taxes rather than scaling back the prison industrial complex nationally and the military industrial complex globally that will soon be utilized locally.

This socialist regime places a far greater premium on dividing and discrediting American citizens and turning us all against one another through socio-economic strata, race, and religion bating than putting together a common goal that we can all cling to and fight for, something called the American dream.

There is no more American dream. There is no more middle class. There is only greed and a, "give me what I can get or I'll take it" attitude.

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