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Ted Gundy – Three Head Shots at a 1000 yards

•, by Jim W Dean
 When I first saw this story I thought to myself that it could not be true…three head shots on his first time shooting at the 1000 yard range on the new guns?

But it really happened folks and you can watch on the video below. Ole Ted not only has the Right Stuff, but has improved his game.

Back in WWII 300 yards was normal sniper range, so that was all they ever trained for.

I am sure that his top Army sniper team coaches, world champions, were a great help…but putting those rounds on target at a 1000 yards, the first time shooting the weapon…you have to see to believe. And amazingly, Ted had not shot since his WWII days!!

Snipers have not always been loved throughout warfare. In the Civil War days they were despised. Drilling somebody in the act of relieving himself was considered an act of cowardice beyond description.

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