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Thirty Million Slaves

• arclein
Chattel slavery is common in Mauritania, meaning that slave status is passed down through generations. "Owners" buy, sell, rent out or give away their slaves as gifts. After Mauritania, slavery is most prevalent by population in Haiti, where a system of child labour known as "restavek" encourages poor families to send their children to wealthier acquaintances, where many end up exploited and abused.

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Comment by Eldon Warman
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Robert Klein should do some more research. At least 99% of the people of America are 'plantation slaves. why? Because they allow themselves to be 'identified' by a State owned name, the name found on a birth certificate.

The primary method that is used to enslave Americans is the legal maxim, accessio cedit principali - an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal. The corporate UNITED STATES Constitution grants the corporate UNITED STATES the right to own slaves (citizens) where citizens usually have granted privileges, including the stated unalienable rights and right to due process of law. Those granted privileges were then removed by FDRs Emergency Powers Act, 1933 and the 13th Amendment allowing full servitude upon convicted criminals, which followed from the Emergency Powers Act.

The primary reason for this was to impose the income tax, which is actually the harvesting of the fruits of the labor of owned slaves. This was a result of all western countries declaring a deeper state of bankruptcy at a meeting in Switzerland in 1930. As stated by the Boston Federal Reserve chairman, Beardsley Ruml in a speech to lawyers in 1946, income pays for absolutely no government services. It is all funneled through the Rothschild banking system to the Vatican.

Comment by Ed Price
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This is what we can look forward to if we let the One-Worlders win.

Comment by Ed Price
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Just how free are we in America? Ernie says that freedom begins between the ears.

The difference is the standard of living of educated slaves. In America, all us educated slaves have freedom. At least we think we do. So Ernie's idea of where freedom begins is absolutely correct, only in a different way than a lot of people think.

You are what you eat. That is, you are what you are fed by the education system that feeds you the line of garbage that you are free in America. Sure, you have a lot more comforts. Sure, you have a lot more toys. But if you aren't a slave of poverty in America, living off welfare, then you are a slave of poverty in America supporting the slaves that live off welfare.

Do you feel free? I mean, do you really feel free? If you do, that's good. Because it is the closest you will get to freedom this side of the grave. THAT is true freedom. Freedom between the ears... if you can maintain the lie, and not become smart enough that you can see the poverty and slavery you are in.

It's no different anywhere else around the world... except where there is a lot of pain in slavery... like in Mauritania and Haiti... and in American hospitals.

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