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About Adam: Josie and Larken Rose on Adam Kokesh

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 Fantastic video on what true liberty really is and entails

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Comment by Ed Price
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This isn't only about Adam. It's about the whole population waking up. As the general public are waking up to the fact of their slavery, more and more people are looking for, and finding, ways to BECOME free. The POWER MONGERS of the world are becoming scared that not only might they lose it all, but also they might lose their lives over the crimes they have committed against the people.

Now, the following might sound a little goofy, but we have seen news presented on Freedom's Phoenix and other places, talking about Skull and Bones, and how the POWER MONGERS of the world are Devil and Satan worshipers. Well, when THEY figure out that they can't win, they will call on their leader, Satan, for real help. They will call him up from the abyss, agreeing to hand their power over to him if only he will make things work out for them. But when he finally comes up from the chains of death (the abyss), he will destroy them and attempt to destroy us - because that is what he does... it's his nature to destroy.

There will be troubled times - worse than anything we have seen - when that happens. But be happy. Because it will be the time that Jesus will return and bring true peace and right judgment around the world.

You'll know that it is right on top of us when the banking system collapses.

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