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White House, lawmakers: no clemency for Snowden

• AP
The White House and the leaders of the intelligence committee in Congress are rejecting National Security Agency-contractor Edward Snowden's plea for clemency.

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Comment by Ed Price
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You see what White House lawmakers are doing, don't you? They are attempting to make Government so odious in the nostrils of the PEOPLE, that the people will want to do away with the whole Government, including the Constitution. What the PEOPLE SHOULD be doing is using the Constitution.

Go look up the Contract Clause in the Constitution: Article 1, Section 10, Clause or Paragraph 1, the part about no State making any law that impairs an obligation on a contract. Aren't there any shrewd attorneys and law professors who want to enhance freedom? Can't they bring up the argument that "State" includes the Federal Government and any Government? Isn't it about time that we get some court cases in place, and advertised, that show us all how to contract right out from under Government in every way that we want?

This is the thing that Government officials have done to us. They don't follow the law because they have contracted themselves right out from under it... including from under their oath of office.

All along we have obeyed Government law thinking that Government would obey it, too. Since Government isn't obeying the law anymore, why should we continue to be disadvantaged by having to obey it? But let us do it differently. Let us strengthen the Constitution by using the Constitution - the Contract Clause - based on the Constitution to strengthen the Constitution rather than destroy it.

In other words, we are only making our contracts that protect us from the laws of the land because the Constitution allows us to do it.

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