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(Publisher: A couple of examples that might convince you that the time has come for this... past time. I highly recommend the movie "SirNoSir" by David Zeiger)
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About Quit for Peace Quit the military.  Join humanity.

Quit for Peace is a decentralized network of volunteers, dedicated to serving the cause of peace by helping soldiers and other government employees make the transition to a peaceful lifestyle.

The reasons people join the military are numerous.  Some join out of a sense of patriotism and a desire to bravely defend the country from physical danger.  A willingness to put oneself in harm’s way requires a great deal of courage. Unfortunately, the good intentions and bravery of soldiers are easily exploited by unscrupulous politicians and special interest groups.  Instead of serving their country, soldiers are often tasked with killing and dying for corporate interests, waging wars of aggression in countless foreign lands.

Many soldiers realize that war is a racket only after they have signed up and received immoral and illegal orders.  The resulting psychological trauma is so severe that more soldiers die today from suicide than from their assigned “enemies.”  As many as 22 American soldiers and veterans commit suicide every day.

Numerous polls indicate that the American people want peace.  Despite overwhelming majorities against new foreign interventions, politicians continue to beat the war drums at the request of their corporate masters.  Soldiers that choose to do the bidding of these politicians are not serving their fellow countrymen.  They are merely working for the profits of the banking cartel and military-industrial complex.

Desperate times…

Traditional, “approved” methods of war protesting have proven to be ineffective at stopping the war machine.  The people have tried voting for peace, but are usually limited to slim choices between one warmonger and another on election day. Millions of calls, letters and emails to so-called “representatives” in government have done nothing.  Countless petitions for peace have been ignored.  The constitution, domestic laws and international laws against wars of aggression are bypassed without challenge.  The advertised “checks and balances” and the “division of powers” of our political system are now nothing but mythology.  Many have taken their demands for peace into the streets.  While these symbolic protests and sign waves are good at conveying a message to the world, the politicians have little interest in the public’s pleas for peace.

So what can we do?

Clearly, continued begging of the ruling class to end the wars is pointless.  Traditional avenues for change are no longer available.  Quit for Peace is taking our plea for peace directly to the soldiers who are being ordered to commit immoral and illegal acts in our name.  We are calling on all soldiers to reclaim their personal honor and stop serving corrupt masters.  Just quit.  Walk away.  Refuse to participate in the wars that you know are wrong.  The wars will end when good people refuse to cooperate.

Bravery or Cowardice

Soldiers are often congratulated for their bravery.  The heroic image of soldiers is repeated throughout our culture in movies, TV and “news” media.  But what about the soldiers who realize that they are just pawns for corporate interests?  What about those who know that the wars they participate in are immoral?  Does obeying orders make a soldier brave? What can be said of a soldier whose only reason for killing is the fear of reprisal from a supervisor?

Most soldiers value loyalty, especially to their fellow soldiers. Many have a patriotic loyalty to the people of their country.  Few feel a sense of loyalty to the banking cartel or the military-industrial complex.  Principled soldiers can serve their country and fellow soldiers best by refusing immoral orders.  The true deserters are the corrupt politicians that have abandoned the people and sold out to corporate interests.

Quit for Peace is asking soldiers who know that wars of aggression are wrong to put their bravery to the test.  Quitting the military may be the most courageous thing a soldier could ever do.  Putting principles ahead of career advancement may be extremely difficult.  Going AWOL or refusing to report when ordered can have serious legal and economic consequences, but the alternative is far worse.  Quit for Peace is asking soldiers to quit now before more lives and souls are lost.

You aren’t alone.

Many soldiers have quit.  You can too.  Resources are available to help you through your transition to a peaceful lifestyle.  Many are willing to stand with you.  Since 2001, over 40,000 US soldiers have quit without permission.

Outreach Opportunities
Quit for Peace provides public service announcement and outreach material in a variety of media formats, including: video, audio, print, billboards, printable flyers, and social media.
Here is a link to the YouTube Channel:
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Writers: Nicholas Shankin

Webmaster: George Donnelly (215) 360-3513


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