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Health Ranger Mike Adams Disclosing January 7, 2014

• arclein
When you, as an individual, fully grasp and embrace these breakthrough findings, it will radically change your experience of life in profound ways, including physical, mental and even experiential. It will allow every person who follows a few simple principles to experience a significant leap in awareness, intelligence and creativity along with tremendous improvements in physical and mental health.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Sounds like something that, when applied to plants like marijuana and peyote, there will be a bunch of new job openings in narcotics law enforcement. I mean, if it works so well on food, someone will figure out how to use it on drugs. Think of it, growing your own drugs at home in a fraction of the time. Or making the plants grow in the wild without being found out, and then coming back to harvest when things are safest.

Actually, when weed is grown so easily and throughout so many areas that only a small fraction of the growing can be tracked, there will be a large reduction in people purchasing, a large increase in suppliers, a tremendous drop in price, a drop in people going to the doctor because of the medicinal qualities of weed, etc.. The whole face of the economy will change.

Combine all that with the deep web and Bitcoin. Wild! Expect Government to make its FEMA move any time now. Once this "thing" springs into action, Government will never have a chance to become dictator again.

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