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FAA Sets Plan for Allowing Domestic Drones by 2015

• Dave Lefcourt, OEN

So you still believe you're not living in a surveillance state? Well think again.

The Federal Aviation Administration just published a 74 page plan whereby law enforcement agencies, businesses, universities and hobbyists can begin flying drones in the U.S. by 2015.

No longer confined for use by the military and the CIA in missions to kill terrorist suspects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia where hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocents have been killed in drone strikes. As we know even American citizens have been placed on "kill lists" by the White House as happened in 2011 in Yemen with the killing of American Muslim cleric Anwar al Awlaki and even his American born 17 year old son. Apparently, in little over a year these unmanned surveillance and aerial attack vehicles will be flying overhead in our not so friendly skies.    

Not that it's all so surprising. There's a familiar habit when it comes to technology. Simply put if it can be developed and made operational, it will be.

And whether that technologies operation is legal, constitutional, ethically and morally correct or for any other reason to consider, that'll just have to wait.


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