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Is It Wrong To Be ‘Anti-Government’?

  It is also somewhat natural for people to be driven by their personal biases when looking for someone or something to blame. In recent years, however, our country has been carefully conditioned to view almost every criminal event from an ideological perspective.

The mainstream media now places far more emphasis on the political affiliations and philosophies of “madmen” than it does on their personal disorders and psychosis. The media’s goal, or mission, if you will, is to associate every dark deed whether real or engineered to the political enemies of the establishment, and to make the actions of each individual the collective shame of an entire group of people.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Well of course it is wrong to be anti-government. I mean, it is wrong to commit suicide, right? I know, if someone wants to commit suicide of his own free will, knowing what he is doing, and still wanting to do it, well, who has the right to keep him from it?

Anti-government is kinda like suicide. Why? Because EVERYTHING operates under the government of nature if not some other government.

However, what's probably right is to be anti-just-about-every-formal-corporate-government-that-exists-today, outside of the family, that is. Why? Because it is the formal governments that are tyranny and anarchy more than anything else.

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