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The Heart is Not a Pump

• arclein
All of the formed elements are surrounded by a sleeve of plasma which is in contact with the vessel wall. However, a major misconception about how bl

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Comment by Ed Price
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Just cut a minor artery in your arm, and watch the blood squirt out in rhythm to your beating heart.

The heart IS a pump. It's simply a different kind of pump than we normally think of. It operates by sound pulses. It is in contact with all the parts of the body by the sound transmitted through the blood vessels, somewhat like the sound-tubes in a ship, that are used for communication between the different parts of a ship.

In Larry Niven's sci-fi book, "Protector," people were designed to grow a second heart somewhere along the line. But something went wrong with the system, and people never made it to the stage where the second heart was formed (read the book to see what happened).

The point is that the reason people have heart attacks is NOT due to all the medical understandings that we have at present. It is really due to sound, or the lack of it, that is! The heart is looking for another sound that is compatible to it. It is looking for the sound of a second beating heart that matches its own. That's part of the reason why God said that it is not good that man should be alone, so He would make a helper for him.

People need sound. And the heart needs the sound of a second beating heart.

Yet, enough is enough. After all, a sound mind in a sound body can be awful noisy... at times.