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Out in the Open: The German Plot to Give You Complete Control of Your Phone

•, By Klint Finley
 Maybe you kept the old one around as a backup. Maybe you recycled it. But, chances are, whatever you did, you didn’t physically upgrade the thing. You didn’t toss in more memory or a new processor or any aftermarket parts.

In the desktop computing era, upgrading your machine was common practice. Amateur users could replace motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives, video cards, and other components with relative ease. But the prevalence of ever smaller laptops, and now smartphones, means that user upgrades are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Part of this phenomenon is due to the design of the new devices. Their smaller form factors make them harder to take apart and access the components, and many of these devices arrive from the factory fully sealed, so you can’t tinker with them without highly specialized tools. Another key factor is cost: it’s often cheaper to buy a whole new device than to swap out components. And let’s not overlook how difficult it’s becoming to get your hands on the extra hardware. There aren’t many companies selling component upgrades for smartphones.

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Comment by Ed Price
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I don't have a smartphone. Don't want one. All I have is a regular, simple old cellphone.

When I listen to my voice mail messages, following each message I am given options, like to save the message, or to delete the message, or to listen to the message again, etc.

After I have deleted all my messages, I am given the courtesy option of listening to my deleted messages again. WTF? I thought I had deleted them. How can I listen to them again if I already deleted them?

Dirty b*****d liars. They keep all your messages. They have computer banks and hard drives full of everything you do on the phone. If somebody calls yo or you call someone, it's there forever. It's a permanent record. The phone is a much easier way for them to track you than the Internet ever was.

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