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Yet another Subway Shop accepts Bitcoin - this time in Slovakia

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Subway is quickly becoming the bitcoin fast-food franchise, albeit unwittingly and unofficially.

A third Subway sandwich shop, following the lead of shops in Moscow and Allentown, Pennslyvania, is now accepting payments from customers bearing bitcoin.

The latest outlet, this time in Bratislava, Slovakia, has accepted bitcoins since 13th November, when the first payment was made to the wallet associated with the shop. Since then, a modest five payments have been made.

With now three Subway shops across the world accepting bitcoin, questions are beginning to be asked about whether it is merely coincidence, or something else.

Subway has over 40,000 stores around the world, so three seemingly unconnected stores in the US, Russia and Slovakia are a drop in the ocean of the wider Subway business.

At the same time, there have been no reports of McDonald’s or KFC accepting bitcoins. Subway the brand is beginning to become associated with bitcoin ­­– at least for reddit’s bitcoin audience.

On 3rd November, a tweet revealed the first Subway shop accepting bitcoin in Moscow:

However, an earlier picture posted on Instagram indicated that the shop had been accepting bitcoin since the summer:

Days later, on 8th November, it emerged that a Subway in the United States was also accepting bitcoin. Though there was initial scepticism, a follow-up video confirmed that the outlet accepted bitcoin; on the flip side, the video also confirmed that payments with bitcoin can be tricky and slow if both parties aren’t entirely clued up.


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