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When I was looking to rent a room in my house out, I interviewed about 40-50 people. Ive had a couple of nutty roommates in the past and wanted to make damn sure I didn't get a nutcase this time around.
It may sound cliche but I have learned a lot about America and Venezuela from him. We have shared many conversations about our systems of government. He is pretty liberal and I understand why. He has made some compelling cases for gun restrictions and healthcare. I believe he is wrong about it but I understand where he is coming from. He is young. Only 23. His first experience outside his country was Australia. They have socialized medicine and guns have been banned. The crime rate there is extremely low. What is good for Australia may be good for America is his view.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Always remember the most important factor in ANY control. That facytor is CONTROL vs. FREEDOM.

Other than the above, the most important factor in GUN CONTROL isn't that there is any peace, because of it, in those nations that have it. The APPARENT peace exists simply to trick the rest of the world into thinking that gun control works. When people think that gun control works, they will lay down their guns FOREVER. Forever, because the Power Elite will never give them enough freedom again so that they can even think about fighting for freedom.

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