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Why I dropped Microsoft products like a bad habit and won't be going back - A Lesson in Freedom

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Sure, it has created a boom, complete with anti trust behavior and accounting gimmicks. Yah, it created a few millionaires that used to be the envy as they drove around in the Vipers by 35. Yah it fueled the real estate market, I mean everybody should own 5 houses and drive up the costs of real estate for everybody, including senior citizens and their 5 acre horse properties that saw 17 percent increases in property tax once upon a time, forcing many from their properties, being on the fixed income. Yah, it created jobs, to the extent that the unskilled peoples of this country, coming from public education, could not obtain work there. Yah it is true that you could get on with a temp agency, without healthcare....but these are just a few pieces of anectodal evidence of the mirage. If Microsoft is the Oasis, what is Globalism?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Or go to Puppy Linux dot org. You can put Puppy on a flash/pen drive and boot via USB port. The funny thing is, that if you do this, your Windows OS encryption is totally bypassed... especially if you use XP.

This means that you can get info off any Windows computer that is not specially encrypted beyond the standard Windows password. It also means that your computer isn't protected from your kids or wife/husband while your away from home.

Comment by Howard Pearlman
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go to distrowatch and download either mint (easy) or ubuntu.  Play around with the live editions as they will make no change to your computer.  If you like it go ahead and install it, you don't have to lose your windows, it'll boot either system if you want it to.

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