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Why Gold might surge to the $5000 Mark by 2016

Coming back to the quintessential question of gold prices citing a record peak of $5000 mark, it isn’t that clarified as an axiom that the anticipated mark would be reached.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Since Bitcoin will easily surge that far shortly, why wouldn't the big gold holders hang onto gold for fear of the Bitcoin bubble breaking?

Everyone knows the the USD is down the tubes. So the Bitcoin people will hang onto their bitcoins making it surge extremely high... way past the dollar... way past gold... really fast.

This will make the "tangible" investors both, desire more gold, and hang onto the gold that they have. Why? Because they simply can't fathom the idea of an electronic cryptocurrency holding enough value to keep from crashing. This will bring the value of gold up high and fast.

When gold is at $5,000, Bitcoin will be easily at $10,000... but probably more like $20,000. Litecoin, Peercoin, and Namecoin will be right on Bitcoin's heels.

The dollar will be crashing, big time, by then. But since you can't eat gold or bitcoins, the BIG investing will be in land, and the means to hold your land. Then land values will rise to keep up with Bitcoin.

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