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Got a screwy Xbox One disc drive? Try punching it!

•, Raymond Wong
Had TV channel static? Smack that TV. VCR didn't rewind that tape correctly? Punch it. And who can forget blowing into NES game cartridges to get them to load properly?

New consoles usually mean a slew of hardware problems. The Xbox 360 had its whole Red Ring of Death plague and the new PS4's launch was mostly smooth, unless you count the "Blue Light of Death" issues. The Xbox One isn't without its own hardware failures, too. Since its launch last Friday, a small percentage of Xbox One owners have reported that their Blu-ray drives are not working properly.

Microsoft has promised to replace those units and provide a free game to anyone experiencing hardware failure, but one user named Dave D took matters into his own hand. His fix posted on YouTube: flip the clunky console over and beat the living daylights out of it until a misaligned gear snaps back into place. After the punchdown, it's smooth sailings.

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