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Former drone pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel: Obama personally orders drone killings

• Colonel Bruce Black

BB: I don’t know what numbers have been listed officially by the government, I can’t speak intelligently about that. I can tell you though, as our leadership thinks, and in their calculus, they have to weigh in to the fact that we need to action this, we do need to use force, we need to protect our forces, and within that calculus there is the collateral damage aspect of it: how much can we accept in what particular phase of the conflict?

As the leadership figures that out, they’ll obviously want to minimize it as much as it’s possible for the obvious reasons you are talking about here - it’s bad, it’s a horrible thing when somebody dies who doesn’t need to. And they want to minimize that. If you were going to minimize that, this is the weapon to use. This is like a surgeon walking into the operating room with a scalpel as opposed to an ax.

Chances of collateral damage happening from a UAV strike who’s been overhead of target for…well, for example Zarqawi - 600 hours. The Predators flew on Zarqawi for 600 hours before they actioned that target. The knowledge gained, the ability to wait, the ability to strike when the time is right is so much better with this weapon system than has ever been experienced in any phase of warfare in any other time.


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