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Silk Road Case Could Set Bitcoin Legal Precedent For Many Years

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.... Regardless, if access to those bitcoins is maintained via a brain wallet, then the only way for the government to gain access would be by compelling the defendant, Ross Ulbricht, to reveal his passphrase and private keys. A high-profile case such as this one making its way to the US Supreme Court would be as significant for bitcoin user rights as Roe v Wade is for women’s abortion rights....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Better than a brain wallet (remembered passphrase), consider this. If you want a virtually unbreakable password, one that is made up of mixed upper and lower case letters, and numbers, one that is very long (the longer, the stronger), and you want to remember it easily, here is what to do.

Adapt slightly, the javascript listed at The adaptation should include the ability to make a list of random characters that is, say, a dozen pages long - 10,000 random characters or more.

Save a copy of this list in a text program like MSWord, Notepad or Wordpad. Save a bunch of copies of it. Save copies on other computers. Even print out a copy on paper to save somewhere around the house or office. Why? Because it will contain your new passwords. And you don't want to lose the list, because you don't want to lose your passwords.

Next, select any, say, 50 consecutive random characters from the list to use as your password. Then, write down the first 5 characters from the new password. Add the number 50 to the end, making a total of 7 characters. This is your password key.

Retrieve your password by doing a search on the first 5 characters of your password key, inside a copy of the random character list you saved. When you find these characters, count off 50 characters (including the first 5) and you will have your password. Highlight and copy and paste (or drag and drop - is better?) into the password box of the website you are trying to access.

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