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10 Guns, Bombs, and Weapons You Can Build at the Airport

•, By Joseph Flaherty
 After enduring a particularly invasive trip through airport security, white-hat hacker Evan Booth wondered if it was possible for terrorists to craft deadly weapons using only items for sale at the duty free shops and newsstands beyond the TSA checkpoints. After fashioning a fully functional shotgun with Axe body spray, Red Bull cans, and nine volt batteries, the answer turns out to be a decisive, anus-clenching, yes.
This quirky quartermaster has cracked coconuts using nunchucks made from dental floss, copies of US Weekly, and souvenir magnets purchased at Hudson News. A hair dryer, umbrella, and braided rope made from condoms became a makeshift crossbow. And while he has yet to figure out how to weaponize a Cinnabon, his arsenal of deadly weapons and step-by-step building instructions, collectively titled Terminal Cornucopia, should strike fear in the hearts of frequent flyers.

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