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Life on bitcoin. A documentary.

Life on Bitcoin: A Documentary Can a newly married couple survive when every living necessity can only be purchased with "cryptocurrency"? Married less than two weeks, and fresh off their honeymoon, Austin and Beccy Craig embark on an adventure to find out. Life on Bitcoin is a film documenting their history-making quest. For 100+ days from late July to the end of October, 2013, this intrepid couple place themselves in a social experiment where they are compelled to evangelize the controversial and fascinating bitcoin to survive. Simple purchases most people take for granted become complicated or even impossible. It is a strange and challenging paradox in the modern world, where getting gasoline requires 100 miles of driving, planning, and several hours. Forgetting to take lunch to work means not eating at all. Getting cell phone service means meeting someone to swap a payment for bitcoin. Even the most mundane purchases go down like a drug deal. After two months and considerable effort to achieve normalcy, living and working in their hometown while living on bitcoin, the newlyweds set out to circumnavigate the world. Meet the believers and the skeptics, the entrepreneurs and the cryptographers, those who just want to get rich and those who want to change the world. Is bitcoin the future of money? Does it mark the reordering of the global financial system? Or is it an internet fad destined to implode? Life on Bitcoin explores the stateless monetary upstart which wants to be a revolution. Donate using Bitcoin "But after 100 days on the road, newlyweds Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham have proved that it is possible to travel the world using nothing but bitcoin." —The Guardian

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