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Save Money on Gas/Electricity

  Here’s how to help others save money on energy bills during these cold, dark winter days as bills are going up.

Though price rises are as inevitable as winter, they are a reminder on why its sensible to be off the grid, and also a reason for your less fortunate cousins to check their energy use.

To help them shave large chunks off their energy bills, we’ve put together a guide to this year’s best energy-saving gadgets.
Low-energy LED lightbulbs are more economical than even the compact fluorescent lights (CFL) that have largely replaced traditional incandescent bulbs over the past decade.

The Philips Hue range adds a tech element to eco-friendly lighting by building in Wifi connectivity to the bulb. The result: home lighting that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, including being able to turn the lights on and off remotely, and a choice from more than 16 million colours for what might be the ultimate mood-lighting kit.

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