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Dyson goes Off-Grid

 One of the most successful Engineer-designers alive today Dyson announced: “One of (my) incubator units is (working on) Loowat, an off-grid, waterless, toilet system that generates biogas for use in the local community.

“It combines a water-less toilet with an anaerobic digester that creates bottled gas for both heating and cooking.”

Dyson understand the importance of community financial support for the development of new ideas and ways of living.
Dyson is motivated by improving society and the way we live. “Great ideas are often spurred on by an obsession to improve things that don’t work properly,” he said.
Like the Grid, for example. 

At the moment he is building a table out of an old aeroplane wing.“ I’m intrigued by Frank Whittle’s jet engine,” said Dyson. “No one believed it would work and he was refused support by the RAF but he persevered, building the engine himself, and eventually patented his idea.