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Reducing crime without more ‘gun control’

•, By Vin Suprynowicz
I almost said “where we can STILL read and write as we please,” but recall that before 1962 Americans faced jail sentences if they tried to send birth control information through the mail (even to married couples!) or to publish such books as “Ulysses” or the works of Henry Miller, then deemed “filth” but which are now considered among the cornerstones of straight-talking modern literature. (Read a lot of Anthony Trollope, lately?)

So, to start with, let’s give thanks that our sworn enemies for life, the forces of gun confiscation, are still led by such incorrigible idiots.

Mind you, idiots can do a lot of damage if they’re allowed to prey on a populace dumbed down by an institution as destructive as our current government schools, which far from teaching young minds to discern logic from propaganda instead concentrate mostly on DISHING OUT propaganda — see “global warming,” “carbon dioxide as a pollutant,” and “We’d be safer if all guns were seized and melted down.”

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