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Why Amanda Billyrock’s Stand Is Undeniably Right

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The big news of the weekend in our liberty community was the arrest of recent mover and activist Amanda Billyrock. Billyrock made a name for herself with her Youtube channel and social media presence, where she has catalogued her personal and ideological development as a voluntarist and offered Jeffrey Tucker-esque declamations on the wonders of the free market. Hailing from Utah, Billyrock first moved to New Zealand in search of a laissez-faire culture before being called back to the North America, attending (and speaking at) her first PorcFest, and deciding to join the vibrant liberty community in Arcadia‘s Merrimack Valley. While I can’t speak to her past record of civil disobedience, I’m going to venture a guess that being surrounded by ideological allies may have given her the strength to follow others down the path of open defiance. So, on the night of Friday, December 13th, after a “routine” traffic stop, Billyrock asserted her right to remain silent and ended up arrested. [See the full video of the encounter here.] The liberty community rallied and, with the notable efforts of Seth Hipple and numerous call-flooders, Billyrock was only caged for one night instead of three before being released on bail. While the legal drama is a story that will no doubt continue to unfold, today I’d like to make the case against critics of Billyrock’s actions. I’ll start with the voluntarist argument against the state, then progressively grant my opponents their assumptions and show that Billyrock is still in the right.

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