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Ford, Nissan & Google Race to Build Self-Driving Cars

Ford Corporation has released a new Fusion Hybrid that is more autonomously automatized out of visualizations for a future of driverless cars. Under the Blueprint for Mobility (BFM), by 2050 “75 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities, with 50 of those cities projected to have more than 10 million residents.” The vision Ford wants to introduce involved a blend of “smart transportation with intelligent vehicles and transport systems . . . [where] private car, commercial and public transportation are all connected in ways that save time, conserve resources, lower emissions and improve safety.” Both the University of Michigan and State Farm have collaborated with Ford to develop this prototype that has “four LiDAR sensors (Light Detection And Ranging) that scan the road 2.5 million times per second. Infrared light bounces off anything within a 200 feet radius, generating a 3D map of the car’s surrounding environment.”

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