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Iceland - Example for a new American Revolution

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.... Their message is that only turmoil and tribulation result from removing the heavy hand of oppression; that either anarchy or another even worse tyrant will result.

But let’s “imagine,” for a moment, a peaceful revolution that worked....

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Comment by Robert Staeheli
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Lets talk about two that come mind. Gandi,and Mendella. They both freed their people, right? I love them both, but they did practally nothing to advance their people standard of living. They are still worse off than 3rd world. After the civil war the plantation owner made the slaves Share Croppers who worked likes slaves who thought they were free. Funny they could never get ahead because there was never enough at the end to bank. All part of the plan of freedom. Slaves who think they are free. I beleive in the free market system, but it's rigged. The ruling class owns it all and have a GREED that is imposible to satify. We have anit trust laws to prevent companies from having too much of an advantage in the market place. It should be used against the greedy who won't play honestly. Money is power, and it shouldn't be. It should be the tool it was intended. One slave to another.

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