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Genetically Modified Organisms Expose Deliberate Corporate Deceit

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As the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) like to remind folks, I, your friendly editor, am a “conspiracy theorist”. ‘Tis true – I collect conspiracies the way other people collect stamps or coins, etc. I embrace the fact that conspiracies have existed ever since mankind organized into cohesive societies. The dark side of human nature suggests motives untoward conspiracy in every country on earth. Therefore, it is one of my enjoyable pass-times to collect “conspiracy theories”.

There are plenty of conspiracies worth my time.  One example I happily offer you as proof that conspiracies happen is the conspiracy unveiled by former Major General Smedley D. Butler, who twice won this nation’s highest military recognition, the Medal of Honor. Known today as one of the two top Generals in U.S. Marine Corps history (paired with General “Chesty” Puller, undeniably the greatest Marine Corps Generals of all time), General Butler was approached by conspirators in 1934. He testified before Congress, and the conspiracy was verified. It was an attempt to set up, in Butler’s words, “a fascist dictatorship” while overthrowing the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The conspirators included some of the top corporations in America, such as and including  J.P. Morgan, DuPont, and Goodyear Tire. This is not a joke, not a hoax – it is part of America’s history, a “genuine” conspiracy. It is on the Congressional record for anyone to see. Yet another “conspiracy”, the ‘conspiracy of silence‘ by the press and media, has made sure that most Americans have never even heard about this.  Here is a very brief video which will show General Butler himself making a news release about his testimony before the Congressional Committee:

So the above example of a “conspiracy” is a matter of historical record, proving that at least one “conspiracy” did indeed happen in our past. Therefore, it justifies my search for other conspiracies. What else is an old guy to do, eh? But now I want to introduce another conspiracy. This one is also not being exposed by the press/media, so it’s possible that many of our readers have yet to discover it. This one is about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
One of our members sent in a video from “Down Under”, and I want to advise our readers up front that there is a strong Aussie accent in the discussion you’ll hear. However, once one accustoms oneself to the accent, (it took me about five minutes into the video), the content of this presentation is remarkable for many reasons. In fact, as your editor I can tell you point blank – this video is a great introduction, an important primer if you will, for looking into a subtle but vastly dangerous “conspiracy”. Every American has already been threatened by this conspiracy, the ends of which are even now resting on store shelves down at your local grocery store. One of the corporations leading the charge in this conspiracy is Monsanto, the much-beleaguered figure-head in the Corporate Dynasty which, along with other ilk, gifted me with Agent Orange while I was serving in Viet Nam long ago. Monsanto is an exemplary symbol for everything that can go wrong with a large international corporation.

The “conspiracy theory” has it that Monsanto is a greed-driven mega-corp which deceives government offices and the general public whilst producing carcinogenic alterations in the world’s food supply. Actually, it’s even worse than that. If you do not know about genetically modified  organisms, the Genome Race, and the early 20th Century’s Progressive embrace of Eugenics, here is your chance to get up to speed in just a half hour. Please afford yourself this opportunity, and do as I did by giving yourself permission to overcome the rich British accent of the show host while absorbing the wonderful compilation of factual information the radio show guest, William Engdhal, offers. William Engdhal is the author of the book “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation“, and I find him to be a solid and interesting researcher and watchdog over the trans-humanist idiocy of the corporate science of genetics and eugenics. Get ready for a different take on the Rockefeller Foundation, Eugenics, GMOs, AGENDA 21, and the United Nations, all revolving around what your wife picks up at the fruits and vegetables and meats aisles of your local grocery store.

Much good info awaits he who resolves to increase his knowledge of GMOs. Here is the “Origins And Aims of GMO”:


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