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Jon Stewart: ‘Duck Dynasty’ turns Fox News into raving ‘free speech absolutists’

•, By Arturo Garcia
 “Look, I think what the guy said is ignorant,” Stewart said. “But I also have an inclination to support a world where saying ignorant sh*t on television doesn’t get you kicked off that medium.”

But Stewart also pointed out that the conservative uproar over having to “adhere to cultural norms of speech” only went so far, particularly around this time of the year, showing a flurry of clips where Fox News personalities took offense to the phrase “Happy Holidays” being used instead of “Merry Christmas,” culminating in Gretchen Carlson yelling something about red and white poinsettias before huffing, “Get over it.”

“Their belief in free speech doesn’t extend to the holidays, when the word Christmas is mandatory in word, thought, and plant,” Stewart said. He then mused that Fox wouldn’t pressure someone to say, “Merry Christmas,” before showing a clip of Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy cheerfully asking viewers to harass Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) over the use of a “holiday tree” in the statehouse by posting his office phone number, a contrast to the Duck Dynasty cast itself wishing viewers happy holidays.

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