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Scientists successfully reverse aging in mice

 Let’s face it: getting older is a fact of life. Or is it? What if we discovered a way to not just stop it, but to reverse it? Scientists at Harvard think it’s possible. They developed a natural chemical that successfully turned old mice into young mice.

It seems crazy, but the Harvard team’s experiments revolve around what happens to cells as we get older. As we age, our cells lose oxygen. Without oxygen, energy levels for everything inside of us — our blood and our organs — decreases and eventually stops working. As we age, NAD, a naturally-occurring chemical in our body, drops to about half of what our body creates when we’re younger.

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Bleach generally works by rapidly oxidizing whatever it touches. But some bleaches are slow. They don't oxidize things at an instant touch.

Jim Humble's MMS is a slow bleach. In fact, most of the liquids that are sold by nutritional companies, that are supposed to oxygenate you, are essentially slow bleaches.

The differences with MMS is that it is consumed in much larger quantities than most of the oxygenators sold by nutrition companies. MMS is such a slow slow bleach, that it gets down into many of the areas of the body that other oxygenators never reach. There it does its work, oxygenating cells, neutralizing heavy metals, and killing off pathogens, all through the same process of releasing O2 at the cellular level.

If it carried and released even more oxygen than it does, it might do things similar to this article.

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