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Mass Roundups: “Men, Women and Children Will Be Taken From Their Homes”

 But the reality of what’s happening in America today makes the subject matter unavoidable. Moreover, it is advance knowledge of this information that will be our only saving grace should the U.S. government ever turn on its people in a martial law scenario. If it ever gets to a point where the government declares a nationwide lock-down then all bets are off. The Constitution in its current form will be suspended and our worst fears will be realized. While the scenario Dave puts forth is nothing short of terrifying, he also offers up several solutions – the only solutions – for avoiding detainment, imprisonment and elimination should such events come to pass. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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More than likely this will be tied to a major banking collapse. The banking Elite do not want to disrupt their profiteering. They accept minor losses to things like Bitcoin and drug trafficking and under-the-table cash transactions. But if Bitcoin or anything else cause a major crash of the fiat money system, they will use whatever remaining strength they have to take over formally.

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