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What Will Happen When the Arrests Begin?

•, By Bernie Suarez
 Yes, Americans are trying to imagine how the scenario will play out. Some still refuse to believe that this can happen in our lifetime. They just can’t imagine the bad guys having the tables turned on them. Some consider it fantasy thinking, unrealistic pipe dreams, or plain naïve to think this will ever happen. Perhaps those voices are right, so I propose we assume nothing and instead admit we are dreaming; or, should we say, let’s just imagine what it would be like in the event humanity’s mass consciousness decides it doesn’t want to live in slavery forever.

My story would begin in a large American city setting sometime in the not-too-distant future; the local mainstream media now consists of mixed elements of controlled opposition (looking out for the interests of the mega-sized companies and their government business counterparts, who many refer to as the globalists), and pro-freedom journalists looking to make a difference.

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