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Federal Cutbacks And A Failed Tax Levy Causes Liberty in Josephine County Oregon

• Jonathan Turley
A worrisome situation has been created in a rural Josephine County Oregon.   Approximately seventy percent of the land area in the county is owned by the federal government which provided millions in revenue from timber subsidies. That source of finding for the county stopped due to a termination of payments by the federal government and in an attempt to fill a budget shortfall of over $7,500,000 the county asked the voters to fund a tax levy. The levy, which was projected to assess $300 on a $200,000 home was defeated in a narrow election. The result of the loss of both revenue sources caused a routing of the sheriff’s office budget, personnel and services....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Thanks, Powell. Great comment-link below. It is a little start back to the way things should be.

Are those folks going to hire a professional to train them? Is their patrolling going to be countywide? What will they think when they arrest suspects and the judge releases the suspects as often happens with regular law enforcement? If that happens, will they form their own judicial?

Will the state send the state militia in to break up the group when they become too powerful?

When people see that Government people are just people, and that the only difference is the full-time employment of Government people, and that full-time is almost not necessary for anyone in Government these days, then they might see that the people of the WHOLE United States Government only do what they do so that people will think that they are needed. Otherwise, they would have lost their jobs long ago, and the whole Federal Government would have been shut down.

This is the fact. With communications and transportation what they are today, we NEED a dissolving of the Federal Government, State governments picking up the slack and working things out among themselves - even to the extent of protection from foreign invasion - State Governments getting out of local operations except in certain disputes among the counties, and the county people taking over everything… including banking among themselves.

There are some great ideals in the United States Constitution. The spirit of the U.S. Constitution and the ideals therein, should be fully adopted by all the States prior to the shutting down of the Federal Government, even above and beyond what is adopted already. And the ideals should be adopted in such a way that puts teeth into them forcing officials of State Governments to treat ALL people, everywhere, in freedom.

Down with what we have as Government and banking. Up with freedom, self-government and free trade. Down with the U.N.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Ed Price
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If nobody else will give you the protection that you need, what will you do? Perhaps folks should start paying Sheriff Gilbertson directly for extra protection to their areas. Think of small local group governments hiring him to do the job he has done in the past through formal, State Government funds. Maybe they could even start paying him and his department in bitcoins.

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