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Does fighting crony capitalism necessarily involve fighting the growth of government?

I have to say that I enjoy articles like this one by Mike Konczal in the New Republic. He argues that all the focus on crony capitalism is a “Right-wing” ruse. He argues that it is just a smear used by reactionary idiologues to tarnish this progressive president. Obama is no corpoartist he explains. All the regulations which have been used to enrich a certain group of campaign donors and otherwise connected individuals? This is a side issue. Such enrichment was certainly not done on purpose. It’s just the nuts on the “Right” who have a problem with this stuff. He argues that the small government anti-crony capitalism critique, which highlights how business and government collude to screw the taxpayer, is nothing but flack. There’s no real concern for people, or the Republic, or justice. It’s nothing but a meme created to derail the bright and shining day, corpoarti…, er I mean fascis…, I mean progressivism will one day deliver to us.

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