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I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on

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Whenever I read comments by politicians defending the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Predator and Reaper program – aka drones – I wish I could ask them a few questions. I'd start with: "How many women and children have you seen incinerated by a Hellfire missile?"  ...

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Comment by Ed Price
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When people turn to Islam, they reject the God of the Bible. How is that, considering that both may be talking about the same God? They're not talking about the same God! Islam is a religion of law. The Bible expresses the good news of salvation without the need to accurately obey law.

The point is, their protection has left them. they have had time to turn from Law to Gospel, but they will not.

Our job is not to teach them "Gospel" by droning them to death. Our job is to teach them Gospel by showing them the ways of the Gospel. But when they will not turn, what else is there?

However, the results for us are being seen among our people who are operating the drones. Sure, we are doing it for God, to keep Islamic peoples from raising kids who will go to Hell. But this isn't the right way to do it. And our results are not going to be favorable, either, if we keep it up.

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