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Meghan Kellison (also known as M.K. Lords) is an activist, writer, and fire dancer. She is the office manager at Roberts & Roberts Brokerage and she edits and contributes regularly at Bitcoin Not Bombs, Young Voices, and Bitcoin Magazine. Her work has been featured in Bitcoin Magazine and in the Freedom's Phoenix e-zine.
Her activism emphasizes direct action and agorist methods of building the counter-economy. You can get in touch on twitter @mklords, Facebook (M.K. Lords), and view her writings at There is a picture attached.
She will be doing a talk on how Bitcoin is a practical approach to alleviating problems of poverty. The title will be Bitcoin: Applied Philosophy for Fighting Poverty: As the cryptocurrency Bitcoin grows in popularity, it is being used for a huge variety of purposes. one of the fastest growing sectors in the bitcoin economy is bitcoin funded charities. These charities are changing hundreds of lives and the network of bitcoin makes it optimal for helping people in need all over the world much more efficiently than government funded foreign aid.